Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Howdy Pal?

It's been a while since the last entry. I guess business can kill your time. Apart from that, though not many visitors passed by my blog, still i wanna make this blog for the metal lovers. Salam from me ...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Mubarak

Happy mubarak to all of u, it's been awhile since the last article published here. Hopefully i can spend few minutes to scratch some good articles for u guys out there. Last but not least, happy mubarak Eid.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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  • Thursday, June 22, 2006

    Covering Dream Theater

    From my friend : Mendonan

    Covering Dream Theater - A Summarized Collection by Mendonan @ Sidi Gentala. One of the greatest influences of our music is undoubtedly Dream Theater: we play covers of Dream Theater material in our jam and practice sessions. We found out that:-
    1. We spent long hours practicing their tracks only to stumble on the hard (weird time signatures, progressions, and scales) parts.
    2. Most Dream Theater songs are lengthy and sometimes dragging, with good parts intertwined with the not so good parts.
    3. The vocal melodies are generally quite drab and not so interesting. (Not to mention some of the lyrics). James LaBrie's tone also, in our opinion, not so pleasing and doesn't fit quite well with their sound (although his voice basically by now already 'defines' the Dream Theater sound). We're not really into vocal parts anyways, we're more an instrumental band.
    4. Dream Theater is really good in instrumentals, especially epic songwriting with recurring themes and variations of them, as shown by the following:-- Scenes From A Memory (basically the whole album is one big epic song with recurring themes, fits in nice as a concept album, our (and many others) favorite album)- Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, the title track(s). (If not for the anti-climactic final movement, this could have been their best epic composition IMHO).- Octavarium, the title track. (I still like Six Degrees better, though this number is sort of a 'return to form' IMHO).- Some recurring Metropolis themes in Images and Words (some re-used even in Scenes aka Metropolis 2 parts).- Some recurring themes and riffs in Awake.
    So finally what we did was take the best parts of all the albums and "frankenstein"ed them all together. The most challenging bit is making them all sound and flow nicely, and finally make them all fit into 2 CDs (failing 1 CD :) ). The end result so far is still unsatisfactory (still lengthy, too much vocal parts, some weak connections, and we still can't play some of the parts ;-) ), but we settled with them for now -- good for long hours of listening when stuck in traffic jams. :)You can download what we did so far (the 2-CD "Traffic Jam" set) here:-http://absolute-p.ath.cx/karya/20060618_DT_Medley/

    Saturday, June 17, 2006

    Erylasia - The Guitar Hero!

    Background Song : Jupiter Night (Remaster) - Ma fav song!

    Erylasia, who's 20, aspires to be a guitar hero someday, though he'd settle for life as a successful contractor if he can't conquer the world as a shred-god. Currently studying building construction, his social life revolves around -- yes, you guessed it! -- his beloved guitar which hardly ever leaves his hands. A tireless tone-hound, Ery, as he's known to his buddies, sometimes spends hours tweaking knobs on his effects pedals, and his latest toy -- Behringer's V-Amp 2 -- to realize the elusive sound ideas swirling in his head.
    For further Information :

    Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    MATHARI ...(From Ipoh, Perak)

    Background song - Mushashi

    Mathari is an original band from Ipoh, which was formed around January 2000. This band is a mixture of element such as twisted hard rock with funk and rock. Early influences includes Incubus and Deftones. Each member plays their instruments individually. Current influences include such artists as Limpbizkits, Korn and assorted Jazz, R&B, Rock and Blues performers. The band was formed by Man (Ex -Muck drummer). Original line-up was by Giant [guitarist] , Chat [bassist] , Man [ drummer] and One plus Moon is on screaming part. Giant has to step over after he moved to Malacca state. Chat is now performing as a guitarist, with new groovy bassist members plus keyboardist, Mathari has completed the circulation. After gaining variety experience in music styles, the band now is on their way to experiment sound whereby this infant band has play several gig in local town area.
    J-14 Sg.Pari Towers
    Full info, pls click:

    Wednesday, May 31, 2006


    Click Here For More Information :
  • Langsyur's Den

  • Biography

    LANGSUYR was created by Bentara and Azmaniac in the mid of 1991, and they've been only a two-piece band since then until they found it hard to rehearse when Bentara's playing the guitar and singing while Azmaniac handling the drums. So, they've decided to recruit Azlan, who handles the vocals and Ajiz playing the drums. Azmaniac then became a rhythm guitarist.

    With this line up, in 1993, they've recorded their one and only demo "Occultus Mysticism" which gained a wide response worldwide. People tend to know LANGSUYR better from it's "Occultus Mysticism". Recorded in Universal Studio, Klang, this demo perhaps was the best ever produced by a Malaysian band at that time.

    The demo was sold out rapidly and an agreement was made between LANGSUYR and EAST GOTHIC PRODUCTIONS to re-release the demo professionally for 500 copies. And again, in 1994, the "Occultus Mysticism" hits the street and sold out in a short time, and there are still demands on it.

    The demand is perhaps the best thing to show that LANGSUYR had reached the stardom. Since then too, LANGSUYR had made few gigs, the most successful gig was 'The Nocturn Feast' held in their hometown in 25th December 1994. LANGSUYR had also featured in numerous compilation tapes and underground magazines. Deals were also been negotiated, but nothing came in reality. LANGSUYR has decided to remain silence.

    1996 sees the dark clouds cover the Malaysian scene, when LANGSUYR finally awake and release their second masterpiece. The release of "The Eastern Cruelty" EP, was the turning point for the so-called Eastern Metal scene in the region, despite the poor production. The EP gained positive response from the masses and even able to create new fans just after listening to it!

    In 1998 the entered the studio again to record two tracks for the highly-acclaimed IPOH METAL MILITANT SUPREMACISTS which offers the progression they have been walking through along these years. At that time, the used Wira as a drummer.

    In 1999, things started to shift. Due to other interest, the band members had decided to make rest of the band.

    In early 2005, the band members have started to meet again. The original members, Azmaniac and Bentara made a new commitment for a new release, which was promised in the inlay of THE EASTERN CRUELTY ep. After more than 10 years of existence, they are now preparing for the debut album, titled as ASYIK.

    Azmaniac - guitars
    Bentara - guitars
    Azlanthor - vocals
    (other instruments are played by sessionists)
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